Official announcement: everphone Apps, a service from everphone GmbH, is officially being discontinued.
For clients: please get in touch with your HR team for more info or contact us via

Show your team some digital ❤️️

Company subscription to premium health and learning apps in one single discount package

everphone Apps

Quarantine motivation 💪

Send your colleagues these apps for a motivation boost during the second wave of Corona

Employee development 🧠

Multiple activities to keep your team engaged, without breaking your budget

Why apps as a benefit?


Apps are perks that can be used from anywhere in the world

Low cost

Pay cheaper as a group and only for the active team mates


Employees pick their favourite activity and switch as they go

This is how it works:

1. Invite your team

2. They sign up

3. Select an app

4. And start using it!

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

We charge a monthly flat rate of €6 ,99 per employee, which is most times less than subscribing directly to these apps.

How often can people switch between apps?

We allow members to switch between the apps we have once per month.

Are you planning on adding new apps?

Short answer: Yes! The more the merrier. Although we are committed to adding as many valuable categories as we can, we try not to add apps that are too similar to each other.

Is it only for companies? Does the company pay for all of it?

Unfortunately, the service is only for businesses, and not for individual customers. Ideally, the company pays for it as a benefit, and we can facilitate flexible co-payment formats in special cases.

Are these apps as benefits tax deductible?

That's a great question. It depends case by case, so we're happy to speak directly about this possibility.

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